The PEN is a free community newspaper that has been published by the Peace and Environment Resource Centre (PERC) since 1984. The PEN has been published six times a year: January-February, March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, November-December).

Q: What is the PEN about?

The mandate of the PEN is to provide information on local peace, environment, and social justice issues. Although these may be national or international in scope, we focus primarily on the actions and events of local organizations. Our Editor, Margaret Jensen, can be contacted at or by leaving a message at (613) 230-4590.

Q: How often is the PEN published?

In Autumn of 2015, PEN switched to a quarterly publishing schedule, starting with the first Fall Issue on Greening Sacred Spaces (Setpember – November).

Q: Where can I get the PEN?

In your mailbox by donating to PERC! An annual membership means we provide the PEN via direct mail, so you can be the first to read up on environmental and social justice initiatives in Ottawa and area. 

Q: How many issues are printed?

We distribute approximately 3,000 issues per edition, and 12,000 annually with four seasonal editions. These are made available at libraries, community centres, food and health shops, book stores, churches, universities and colleges, and many other locations from Gloucester to Kanata. We are always looking for volunteers to help us expand distribution! 

Q: Can I contribute articles?

YES! Your group can also submit an event notice to be included in the Peace and Environment calendar, for free!

People from all walks of life, from the local community, from organizations, and internationally can contribute an article. An experienced editorial team ensures every issue is packed with a variety of articles of consistent quality.

Q: What about advertising?

To defray costs, the PEN also publishes paid commercial ads from organizations which are compatible with PERC’s mandate. Support our advertisers! You can ask for advertising rates and submit an ad, or sponsor the feature supplement so that it is distributed with every copy of the PEN.

Q: What are the advertising rates?

The Peace and Environment News is published 4 times a year, seasonally. Please call PERC’s office at (613) 230-4590 or email for rates.

Q: Where can I find older PEN issues?

Online archives go back to 2010; further back issues available at: